Does anyone know where I can get manips of Justin Chambers and Barbara Palvin together? Maybe as a couple? Or if anyone would like to make any I'd be very grateful. Happy new year to all xxx

Paranormal pic
Does anyone know who would be interested in a pic my brother took the other day?
I was sat with him and he hasn't photo shopped it or played with any ghost app
( we didn't know they existed )
I wish it was a fake but it's not
It's not nice thinking this was in my living room but hey

To all of you
I have a good feeling about 2012
have a happy new year everyone!!

Just so you know
I need to have an operation next Friday
absolutely petrified doesn't come close
at the pre op assessment I was told I need to relax and stay calm or there's a chance they wont operate
had to admit that was a nice idea
the pain isn't nice so I'm going to behave.

I'm around just quieter than usual
wanted to say hi and...
yeah i'm rambling now

take care

I got mentioned twice on the local radio
We were playing at Wembley today...
anyway to get back to my point here

I rang the hubby to tell him I'd been mentioned on the radio and his reply was
"Why what have you done this time?"

I had my moment of fame...I don't care. haha

Tonight we dance..
Tonight we dance...bodies entwined as the moonlight kissed the earth for the very first time, a recognition of the truth that spilled from our lips.

For years I felt I had to keep who I was to myself, where I came from and where life had led me. Alone most of the time and pretending to be someone I wasn't.

But this wasn't all about me..

for once I had found another soul the world considered a freak..someone who wanted to know me...the real me instead of the girl that hid behind a mask and conformed to whatever their needs were at the time.

Locked against his heat as nature accepted us as normal. I hadn't seen it like that before even though my home for so long had been the forest...

You see you're all looking at me with that look on your face...but not him.

Dancing to the music that only our ears could hear, droplets of water tracing the contours of our flesh as it pooled at our feet, fingers exploring each other until our minds explode with ecstasy. Breathless and yet stood still in longer running from a society that pointed it's finger in ignorance..

This was our time...our right to fly free as the shadows now were only the ones I cared to cast.

"Dance with me baby." Whispered words that were answered with a kiss, lips feathered as two worlds became one...

Dancing to a rhythm no one else could hear yet become to understand...

Can anyone tell me anything about this manip
...who made it maybe.
Who the girl is

sorry it's small I can't get a bigger pic of it

Anyone know who this is?

been driving me crazy for ages

Thank you in advance


New season of SN in UK
Does anyone have a date when Supernatural starts in the UK, and which channel?
I've not seen it advertised which is weird.

Merry Christmas
Have an amazing Christmas
stay safe and have fun everyone
*hugs to all*


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